NOISZ combines rhythm and bullet hell action--but that's just the foundation of its unique gameplay. The shield mechanic challenges players to anticipate attacks and brings risk/reward clearly into the forefront, while the Overflow dynamic difficulty system raises the stakes on high scoring play and dares you to learn increasingly advanced techniques.

At the same time, NOISZ is intuitive and approachable, and has several accessibility features to help you learn to play, or simply enjoy the story if you choose.


The intense battles are just half of the experience--NOISZ's massive story has multiple routes and is packed full of twists, turns, laughs, tears, and cute/hot/both characters. The story content alone spans multiple hours, and is heavily integrated with the gameplay!

For players who prefer a more linear experience, Route Assist ensures you'll get the ending you're trying for. Dying to just get into the action? You can skip scenes or enter Free Mode to play individual stages.


NOISZ pulls music from several different genres, making each stage a new adventure! Patterns are hand crafted to the music, becoming a psychedelic (and deadly) music video.

Rhythm gamers will recognize several of the featured artists--and with so much on offer, you're bound to find some new favorites in the mix, too!

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