An up-and-coming idol group backed by the megacorporation Antiphon. Though their powerful and shadowy sponsor has paved them a road to the top of the charts, things have been far from easy. Between shows, they wield the power of the NOISZ/RS to fight Noise Beasts, music monsters from another world.


voice: k*chan

A quiet and shy girl who aspires to be a mighty hero. Won't back down from any challenge, as long as it doesn't involve social interaction.

Her ASD makes it difficult for her to interpret facial expressions. She's usually smiling out of habit to avoid appearing offputting, and sometimes forgets to stop.

Loves video games, sugary foods, and more than anything, her partner and childhood friend Sera.


voice: Angela

STΔRLIVHT's leader. A natural talent at almost everything, she's taken it as a challenge and become a relentless perfectionist.

Generally thought of as an icy person because of her blunt words and emotionless face, but she's actually like this so that Grace can understand her easily.

Has a surprising fondness for trashy romance novels. Cares about her team's well-being more than she lets on.


voice: KT

A wholesome presence who always brings warm hugs and cookies. A big sister-like little sister. Her kindly nature can turn volatile when facing bullies and other terrible people.

Her older sister Yumi was a legendary idol, and she's aiming to carry on that legacy--the weight of which is greater than she'd ever imagined.

Makes friends easily with her cheery personality. It's hard for anyone to see past the surface, though...


voice: Leon

A jokey cat lover who never seems to take anything seriously. Somehow, her performances still manage to meet even Sera's exacting standards.

A loudmouth with equally loud clothing, her attention-getting nature makes her a perfect fit as an idol.

Now that she's comfortably passing, the painful trials she faced in middle school seem like a distant memory. But sometimes, the past has a way of unburying itself...


The player character throughout most of the story. A diminutive girl in a wheelchair and former accountant. One day, she receives the strangest promotion of her life...

A tirelessly hard worker who prefers to do things behind the scenes. Though she has no experience as an idol producer, she prides herself on her greatest skill: learning new skills.

Lately, she's been plagued by some very strange dreams...